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seven years later [Jul. 29th, 2010|11:45 am]
or about that anyway.
I haven't posted in forever.
Nino and I went back and forth until March of this year.
Finally had enough of promises that kept being broken.
He's not a bad person, he just doesn't know how to be continuously good.
But we stopped talking pretty much completely, which helped me get over him

I ran into a friend i met back in middle school. His name is Sean Eldridge and we've been officially dating for just over two months now, but we've been seeing each other since mid-April.I am ultra pleased with this development. He's both mature and silly. He's progressive and gives a shit about the world we live in. He has a daughter named Lilah Anne, who is just about the cutest little girl I've ever met. We have similar tastes in music, which is always a bonus.

We actually just moved in together. I know it seems like a rash decision, but we both needed our own space pretty badly and since we spend pretty much all our time together, it only made sense to move in with each other rather than waste too much money on separate abodes. It's working out well.

This romance is different. It feels more adult. I'm not rushing into feeling everything too soon. I'm just spending time with him, learning who he is and letting him find out who I am. I have a lot of hope for us. Time shall tell.

Working as an office girl for Cataract Tours and Sightseeing. I was a tour guide last summer and the start of this summer but I need to get my CDL license if I want to keep doing that and it seems a task I'm not quite ready for yet. The money is good. I mean it's enough, it's not great.

I'm down to a 153lbs! which is the lightest i've been since I was 16 probably. That's wild to me. and I'm excited about it. I feel pretty. I don't wear make-up hardly at all and I've stopped straightening my hair. It's nice to feel beautiful and know that's natural. :)

There's a lot more to say but I AM at work, so I suppose I should leave it for now. I don't think anyone even visits LJ anymore...but on the off chance that someone I know reads this...HI!